Vanity fire part 2

The two photos he is showing at Joseph & James are extracted from a research work around the Vanities.

Beyond the codified motives or beyond them symbolic contents, the meticulous elaboration of these compositions dedicated to the destruction by the fire, echoed the first sense of this pictorial kind: the hours of searches and constructions are reduced to ashes in a few moments letting us in the face of the hypothesis of the vacuity of the creative act and of our desire to leave an imprint beyond our existence.

By extension, the creation of these decorations or compositions, their destruction and what  results, ashes, wastes then a  empty studio from where the  smell of burning finity to disappear, are parts the work.

In the end, the beauty of lgnition fire is worth the sacrifice which precedes her and the empties which follows her. The fleeting delight which the photography perpetuates, these flowers of which the prettiness would have been able to die in flames, in the most total ignorance and the indifference propose in your look a reflection on the deep sense that we give to our inevitable disappearance.

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