The Enlightenment 2

The Enlightenment Part II

The enlightenment is part of a series from a collaboration between Lotte Kerling who was a student at that time at the Styling Academy in Amsterdam.
Her assignment was a poster for the big re-opening of the completely renovated Rijksmuseum in 2013, the styling had to be in the same atmosphere like the old painting masters once did.
Together we searched for the perfect light and ambience in these images.
While placing the studio lights in the right place I noticed the natural light falling through the old monastery window. There was our old painters light.
The paper is a symbol for all the paintings that had to be moved so everything is packed.
The veil is added because all was going to be revealed at the re-opening of the museum.

Photography: Mirjam van den Berg
Model: Desi Latscha
Styling: Lotte Kerling

ready in 10 days

Total € 75

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